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A Message From Our Chair: Founders' Appeal

Stay Brave UK is on a mission, and I’d like you to join us on this journey.

I joined the Trustee Board of Stay Brave UK because I understand the need for campaigning organisations which seek to prevent, combat and eliminate domestic, sexual and intimate abuse.

Stay Brave UK is unique. We’re an organisation which campaigns to ensure that nobody, regardless of gender, is denied access to support. But we also recognise the global pandemic of injustice which is gender inequality.

Whilst campaigning to ensure that men, trans and non-binary people can access support services without discrimination, we’re also working with others to tackle the inherent gender inequalities that exist in the world.

We believe that everyone has the right to live free from violence. Tackling gender inequality can help us in that mission. Gender inequality creates a world where power, money and strength are the motivators for systematic violence.

Now we need your help to achieve those aims. Today, we launched the Founders' Appeal. We want you to play a part in securing the future of this organisation.

By becoming one of our Founders, you’ll help ensure that we can establish ourselves as a charity.

As Chair of the Trustee Board, I want our organisation to be accountable to those we seek to represent. Our moral owners are survivors of domestic, sexual and intimate abuse. We are driven by them.

Together, we can work together to curb the increase in such abuse, educate the new generations for years to come and tackle the stigma that victims face when accessing services.

We can do this, and we want to do it with you by our side. It’s an important journey - join us.

Nathan Sparling is the Chair of our Trustee Board. Nathan divides his time between Stay Brave UK and his work as a Senior Parliamentary Adviser for the SNP.

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