What you can do

We’re not shy in saying that we couldn’t do this without you.


The level of generosity that people like you have given to this campaign astounds us and we don’t know where to start thanking you.


Here you’ll find some ways to make your support go even further.


for Stay Brave

Just by challenging yourself, or setting up an event at your work or university, you can help raise awareness for those who suffer in silence - and we'll be there to support you every step of the way! 

What will you do to help survivors?


Survivors we have spoken to have said how much hearing or reading about other survivors have helped them feel less isolated or alone. 


Could you share your story to help others?

Sharing Your Story

#WalkingBrave challenge

Asking for help is often an invisible and fragile journey. Walking brave symbolises this struggle. By walking 10 miles you can raise awareness and help survivors find the help and support they need. A simple walk can change lives.



We knew that we wanted to make Stay Brave something extraordinary when it comes to team structure and what it means to work on something. All roles are designed with happiness in mind, where you as the volunteer are put first, so you feel as valued as we are grateful. 

Linking your brand or a product with us can help increase sales, build customer loyalty, and differentiate your brand in a competitive marketplace. 


We can create a mutually beneficial partnership that meets all the needs of our corporate partners. 

Partner With Us

Friends Party

Join The Events

Here you'll find a selection of events you can be involved in to better help survivors and the charity as a whole to succeed. 


These include Engagement events, Fundraisers and chances for you to help steer the direction of the charity 

Make a Donation

This mission is too big for us to do by ourselves. It takes everyday people contributing anything they can to make it happen. Let us know if you can help!

"It’s why movements like Stay Brave are so vital! I wouldn’t have been able to come forward without knowing there were others like me that understand that domestic violence isn’t just a women’s issue"

 - Josh, domestic abuse survivor.