About stay brave

Our Trustee Board

Meet the Stay Brave governance board. Find out more about our charity structure and the groups we belong to.

Our volunteer Team

Find out more about the passionate volunteers who make Stay Brave a success - leading the way in our mission to help all victims of abuse.

our History

After years of hiding from the sexual exploitation and assaults he had been through, Alex finally started to ask for help; only to be turned away.


The national helpline told him that their service was for women only, that men were the perpetrators and men weren't victims. He hung up, closed his laptop and suffered in silence before gathering the courage to ask for help again. 


Alex was sitting at a kitchen table in 2014 with a friend who had been through an abusive relationship when they came to the conclusion it was the stigma men face as victims that prevented them from receiving help. Later that month he started campaigning under the words he told himself when he dialled that helpline: Stay Brave. 


A Trustee board for Stay Brave UK was formed in 2015 and in early 2016 we opened a bank account and built a significant online presence, raising awareness of people like Alex who deserve to be treated like any other survivor.


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The Vision

We firmly believe that everyone has the right to live free from intimate violation and abuse and that the protection of this right should be secured without discrimination on any grounds.

Our Mission

We exist to bring a voice to those who have suffered from domestic, sexual and intimate abuse. Our mission is to prevent, combat and eradicate all forms of domestic, intimate and sexual abuse by educating, raising awareness and changing the mindset of the public for the greater good of all victims of intimate abuse.  

how can you help?


We're not shy about saying we can't do this without you. Simply, it's supporters like you that enable us to reach out to more survivors who may feel they have no voice. 


Whether it's something small or a monthly gift - it makes all the difference.


We knew when founding the charity that we wanted to make something extraordinary. 


All our roles are designed around you with happiness in mind, where you as the volunteer are put first, so you feel as valued as we are grateful.