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welcome to stay brave

We're here to give the under-served a voice. When it comes to domestic abuse and sexual assault, we want to represent male and LGBTQ+ victims, and help to break down barriers.


We won't stop until all victims have the help that they need and the respect they deserve. We will be brave.

We are not a crisis service, but we can help you find the resources and frontline support you may need. 


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We won't give up until all survivors have the help they need and the respect they deserve. 


It's our mission to erase the barriers survivors of rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse, can face when asking for help. We do this by campaigning for better services, crafting policy and working with decision makers to improve access for every survivor.


Need Help?

Stay Brave is not a crisis service. If you feel uneasy or are struggling with your situation, or need someone to talk to we recommend you speak to The Samaritans by calling 116 123 or by visiting their website. 


You can find out about more services that could help by clicking the link below. This outlines the various frontline services that may be able to help - and will also point you in the direction if you're looking to report a crime to the police. 


Meet the stay brave team

Stay Brave is a unique charity as we're 100% led by volunteers and survivors - giving our spare time to fight for those without a voice.

We're here to erase the barriers survivors face when asking for help and we won't stop until all victims of intimate abuse have the help they need and the respect they deserve.


Find out more about our team below, and see how you can get involved with Stay Brave.