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Our blogs are changing the way we understand victims of abuse. Your words have the power to give comfort and hope to someone just like you and to inspire our friends, families and communities to talk about the stigma that people face when asking for help.


Whether you have experienced abuse yourself or are close to someone who has, you can help others by sharing your thoughts, experiences or expertise. 

We've shared some helpful tips on the best way to format your story, but if you'd like to speak with someone from the team about your story, then please reach out to us on:

(We treat all stories with complete confidentiality, and will not include personal details in the stories unless we are given explicit consent to do so)


structure Guidelines

  • Blogs should be between 400-800 words. 

  • Keep your post balanced - offer your opinion but try not make it sound like a rant. Speak plainly and avoid jargon.

  • If you want to include links, images or embed HTML just include that in the blog text and we'll package it together for you at our end. 

  • We cannot post any figures or facts unless you supply reference links to the source. 

  • Personal stories are great - just make sure it is what's best for you to share. We want survivors to feel comfortable sharing their story.

  • Most importantly - just be you! We're a community project made of everyday people just like yourself. 

ready to tell your story?

Please remember to proof read your story and double check any attached images or links, when you are ready, please send it in an email to

Please include the word 'story' in the subject line. We aim to review stories and and get back to you within 7 working days. Survivor stories like yours are essential in helping us to make effective policy change. We would like to thank you for submitting your personal story, and we will treat this with the upmost respect.