What we do

Our Mission

We won't give up until all survivors of rape, abuse and intimate violation, have the help they need and the respect they deserve. 


We work to erase the barriers survivors can face when asking for help. We do this by campaigning for better services, crafting policy and working with decision makers to improve access for every survivor.

Our Work

Our Campaigns

We’re on a mission to erase the stigma because everyone has the right to live free from violence.

We want survivors to know that people have their back! We’re going to launch a nationwide awareness campaign that will encourage survivors to share their stories.

We believe by seeing that others have been through the same and that they will be believed, respected and understood, more survivors will come forward and seek help.

Education Projects

The only way to tackle abuse is to combat it at its root cause – the culture of violence and power. 

We’re aiming to develop resource packs for teachers to deliver these life lessons.


These lesson plans, workshops, and leaflets will take an updated, frank and gender inclusive approach to topics such as consent, sharing nude images and coercive control as a form of emotional abuse.

First Time Referrals Directory

When a survivor asks for help they should never have to wonder if the person on the end of the line will help them.


We plan to create a user-friendly directory of all services in the UK that can help survivors of rape and abuse.

Survivors will be able to see all the services in their area that can help, what kind of help and how to get it. First time. 

This way no one will ever be turned away again.

Ways you can help...


We're not shy about saying we can't do this without you. Simply, it's supporters like you that enable us to reach out to more survivors who may feel they have no voice. 


Whether it's something small or a monthly gift - it makes all the difference.


Media Champion's are extremely important to Stay Brave's work. Journalists from a huge variety of media contact our team and are frequently looking to interview survivors with particular experiences.


Could you share your story to help others?


We knew when founding the charity that we wanted to make something extraordinary. All our roles are designed around you with happiness in mind, where you as the volunteer are put first, so you feel as valued as we are grateful. 

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