Media Champions

Raise awareness of issues survivors face by sharing your experiences.

Media Champions are extremely important to Stay Brave's work. Journalists from a huge variety of media contact our team on a daily basis and frequently looking to interview people with particular experiences.


Being able to include a 'human interest' element can make or break a story in the media. Often, real-life examples are what bring an issue to life and allow the audience to understand and empathise with issues survivors face.

What does being a Media Champion entail?

Over the years our media volunteers have helped with a whole raft of media work, from appearing on BBC News speaking anonymously about lack of service providers, to an interview feature with The LadBible about experiences of stigma, or featuring in a glossy magazine talking about how support groups can boost mental wellbeing of survivors.


Stay Brave media champions can be interviewed anonymously, and we take confidentiality very seriously - we never send someone's details to a journalist without permission.


If a volunteer does agree to an interview, Stay Brave supports them both before and after the event.

What we're currently looking for...

Here are some of the things that Journalists are currently asking us for:


  • LGBT+ or Heterosexual men with experience of sexual assault, domestic abuse or rape

  • Survivors from female perpetrators

  • Family or Friends of Survivors

  • Survivors who have had a good experience from a service

  • Survivors who have been through the court process



If you have this experience and would be willing to talk to journalists, with our support, please get in touch via

For Press

If you are a journalist or from the press wishing to use one of our Media Champions for a story please contact us via