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Why Are We Walking 10 Miles Across London? The story behind #WalkingBrave:

Asking for help is never easy.

It may seem easy to someone from the outside. But when you’re sitting there with a laptop open, helpline number entered into a phone, it takes an amazing amount of courage to press the dial button. First few times you press it fear may get the better and you’ll hang up soon as you hear a ring.

More often than not the laptop gets closed, the phone gets put down, and help is not asked for. These brave people will then endure for another few months before trying to gather the courage again.

We wanted to raise awareness of these people by doing something a little different. On the 1st October a group of our supporters will be walking 10 miles across London.

This may seem like an easy challenge to some people – I mean, how hard can walking be? But that’s exactly what we’re going for. This walk will symbolise what it’s like to ask for help. It’s something that seems easy, but takes courage and will not be easy.

We’ll be starting in the Docklands and using the Thames Path to venture through the City onto Westminster, then walking through Kensington towards our finish line of Hammersmith. We’ll be in pain; we’ll most likely have blisters. But we’ll be showing others that although something seems easy – it’s tough, and can be done.

We welcome anyone to join us on the day and you can find out more information here: http://www.staybraveuk.org/walking-brave

If you want to help organise a Walking Brave challenge in your local area (eg. Scotland, Wales or NI) please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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