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Exciting New Chapter for Stay Brave | Leadership Handover

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Established in 2014, Stay Brave has been working to provide a voice for under-served survivors of intimate abuse, while working to erase the unique barriers they face when seeking help.

Thousands of people in the UK each year are victims of sexual assault, rape and domestic abuse. Each day after, the pain continues as they carry damaging memories and struggle to find the right help and support they need.

Lead by a team of passionate volunteers across the UK, the charity are set to enter a new ambitious phase of activity as a change in the day to day management will create an opportunity for them to strive towards the goals laid out in the five year strategy. The current CEO of Stay Brave, and founder, Alex Morgan will be stepping down from 31st December 2020.

Knowing that survivors can find strength and healing in telling their stories to others – Stay Brave are able to position the insight and inspiration we gain from survivors to save lives. Our first goal is to use the lived experiences of survivors to amplify the voice of the under-served and take the personal stories to affect positive policy change.

Alex Morgan, Founder of Stay Brave said: “Since setting up the charity six years ago, I’ve been able to use my personal story to drive our action with frontline service providers and help give all survivors the help they need and the respect they deserve.

As the charity has grown, and our new strategy has come into effect – I’ve taken the decision to step away, in order for the passionate team we’ve nurtured to deliver the next stage in our charities growth. I couldn’t be more proud of the success we’ve achieved in such a short time, and this is the right decision to see our support for survivors flourish. We’ve built incredibly strong foundations within our charity, and I look forward to seeing the future of the charity from a different perspective.”

While he will be stepping away as the CEO – Alex will be returning after a short break - with the leadership transferring to the trustee board who are set up to handle the delivery of our core strategy over the next five year period.

As well as Alex stepping down from his role as CEO – there will be a change in the leadership role within the trustee board as well. Rhodri Roberts, interim chair of trustees added:

“It's been an honour to serve as chair of trustees for Stay Brave. Over the last few years, I've supported and overseen key work including the introduction of our new 5 year strategy which has enabled Stay Brave to move forward with our aim to ensure every survivor gets the help they need and the respect they deserve.

I look forward to welcoming the new chair, and it's with great pleasure that I pass the reins to Will Fletcher to lead Stay Brave's trustees and the future of the charities work with the under-served (LGBTQ+ & Male Survivors).”

Will Fletcher, In-bound Chair of Trustees said: “I am really excited by the prospect of stepping into the role of chair for stay brave, the commitment of our volunteers, and the incredible work we have done over the last 6 years to identify and challenge the barriers that survivors face has been astonishing. My aim will be to focus on the delivery of our strategy and support the volunteer teams who will be working across our key areas to amplify survivor stories, build understanding, provide resources and support with fundraising”

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the landscape of the UK – we’re aware of the unique challenges faced by those in violent situations, and will continue to work to raise the voice of the under-served so that we are able to provide impactful insight to policy makers and those providing frontline services to survivors. You can find out more about our strategy and our work by visiting the strategy and mission pages of the website: www.staybrave.org.uk

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