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THE CHAPPY REPORT: Domestic Abuse in the Gay Community

Stay Brave is very proud to have partnered with Chappy, the gay community dating app, where we helped examine a number of issues facing gay and bisexual men in British society.

It surveyed 518 men from across the UK. Findings include;

Nearly one quarter of gay and bisexual man have been the victim of domestic abuse from a same-sex partner.

The report also found that 22 percent of male respondents had suffered domestic abuse when in a relationship with another man.

Over one in 10 (11 percent) of men in the report said they had hit their same-sex partner.

More than one in ten of men have hit same-sex partner.

More than a third (34 percent) of men surveyed that said they had used verbal abuse to “resort to ridicule to win arguments” with their partner.


Alexander Morgan, Chief Executive here at Stay Brave, had this to say about the findings;

Domestic Abuse is one of the most common and most dangerous crimes there is. Its a crime that is endured and too often under or not reported - cultivating a sense of fear and shame for its victims.

It can affect anyone, including those in the LGBTQ communities. Stonewall's study into Gay & Bisexual Men's Health found that half of gay and bisexual men have experienced domestic abuse from a family member or partner. Also, more than a third of gay and bisexual men have experienced at least one incident of domestic abuse in a relationship.

Chappy's findings are not dissimilar - with a significant figure of respondents stating that help for those in the LGBTQ community being few and often hard to find. It's important that we find a way to support victims and let them know that help is available.

Click here to download the full report (PDF).

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