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Meet the Team - Andrew Chalwell

We'd be nothing without our dedicated team of volunteers, who work every day to make sure Stay Brave UK can continue to support survivors. With that in mind, we thought you'd like to meet the team! We start with Andrew Chalwell, who handles our finance and administration:

What does an Finance & Administration team member do?

My role is to help out with the administrative tasks of Stay Brave wherever I can. In most cases, this consists of bookkeeping and accounting for the charity, including preparing reports for the trustees and team members. I can also pick up other tasks where necessary, for example maintaining aspects of our service and supporter database.

Why Stay Brave UK?

I first became aware of Stay Brave whilst living in London in 2015. I was a close friend of the founder, Alex Morgan. He told me his experiences of abuse and the challenges he faced with getting the support he needed at the time. It caught me completely by surprise that these one-sided barriers to accessing vital services still exist. Seeing that he had turned his experience into a simple idea for a charity, which he subsequently built from the ground up, inspired me to lend to a hand wherever I could. It started off with the odd task here and there (i.e. building a simple spread sheet), but it soon became clear that my work could be easily turned into a permanent volunteer role.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being able to help a start up charity succeed by contributing my knowledge and experience is quite rewarding. As Stay Brave is a small charity, I am able to directly contribute ideas, then take ownership of them and watch them become a reality. I can also take the some of the burden away from the rest of the team, which enables them to focus on their areas of expertise. The fact that I am able to help out wherever and whenever I have the chance means that it fits in well with the rest of my life.

What are you looking forward to most at SBUK in the coming months?

We’re currently in the process of building a service database that will form the core of Stay Brave’s service. It’s quite exciting to be involved in that process and see it come to life once ready. We’re also working on getting our charity’s vision and values through to more people using social media.

When not working on SBUK - where would we find you?

Most of the time you’ll find me at my full-time accounting work where I live in Melbourne, Australia. When I do get some spare time you could find me reading a book, on a road trip somewhere, checking out a quiet bar in the area, or taking the dog for a walk.

After spending the last three years travelling Europe and North America, Andrew has now settled back down in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. It’s his job to make sure things run smoothly for us in terms of admin and finance.

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